Ellis Clarence Taylor

Ellis Taylor son of Kansas City great Marva Whitney Aka James Brown’s Soul Sister Number

1 and Ellis Taylor Sr. who owned Forte Records (one of the larger labels in Kansas City) was born in Kansas City Missouri. His performing career started as early as 12 years old performing and recording at local churches as a drummer and soloist.

After spending time at a local college, he decided to a pursue a music career and relocated to Los Angeles. He was quickly discovered by Randy Jackson who at the time worked at Sony. Together Randy and Ellis worked on several Projects one being the Grammy nominated Men In Black Soundtrack. Ellis helped pen and sing Erotik City as a members of Emoja. Emoja had been slated to drop simultaneously with the mirroring Ladies group Destiny’s Child who went on to enjoy great success as well as other first-time artist Alicia Keys. Unfortunately, legal battles halted their debut.

For several years after this disappointing reality Ellis ventured between musical genres lending his vocals to Better Dayz (Tupac), writing and performing for Jazz artist Drew Simpson on Noteworthy, and lending his vocals to several Gospel music projects. Ellis then joined the Hip Hop Label Look Alive/Interscope Records and worked on a solo project and toured heavily with 4th Avenue Jones, opening and touring with such acts as Something For the People, James Brown, Sheryl Crow, The Black Eyed Peas and The Roots just to name a few.

Ellis competed on Star Search but after being eliminated as a Simi finalist Ellis was asked by Wayne Brady to come on his Daytime television show to perform a song and quick skit. It was at this time Ellis realized his passion for acting. Under the tutelage of Constance St. John and Eric Smith Gunn he began honing his craft as an actor appearing in several plays, documentaries and currently the soon to be released Mini Series The Hijab.

Ellis currently releases music periodically just for the joy of creating, but the catalog of music left by his parents has been featured on artists such as Jay Z, Rick Ross, movies by Tom Hanks and James Franco just to name a few.

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