General Vega

General Vega: Leader of the Geek

A Weird, Mysterious, Exciting,

Innovative character that brings a fresh new sound to a world filled with monotony.

There were so many artists coming out but they seemed to have a similar sound as well as subject matter and look.

Says Vega, I found myself wanting to have the same feeling I had when I first

heard music from Nas or Outcast,

I wanted to have the feeling of hanging onto every word or

waiting for the next release date or concert.

The artist I was waiting for never came along.

So I decided to become that artist.

Within the first year of starting his movement General Vega

has accomplished many things as a new artist

He Released his Debut offering titled, "General Vega

Presents: Geek Mobb The Album. He's been interviewed

by numerous radio stations like

Fly 93.5 Big Ray in The Basement and notably HBR 97.5 Nairobi Kenya by Dj. Zaq and his co host Corrine.

I couldn't believe I was being interviewed by someone in Africa.

I was completely floored Says Vega. It was a pleasure and a major sence of accomplishment

for me and my demographic. I started getting fans from all over the place !

Since that interview Vega says he's been sending T shirts all over

the world as well as had songs played internationally which is

humbling and surreal. He credits his sound coming from many

influences such as 80's Rock Wrestling, And all things Pop Culture

.General Vega Is currently working on his second album as well as

preparing for a busy Summer performing. Concert dates will be

available on his site

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