Bri Danielle

Bria Danielle is an R&B artist born and raised in South Florida. She has always been passionate about music and is finally breaking out into the music scene with a sound of her own. At a young age, Bria Danielle was inspired by artists like Beyoncé, Chris Brown and Michael Jackson. Their creative genius really cultivated something within her when she saw how much joy their music brought to others and she wanted to do the same. She started off recording covers and posting them to several different social media platforms and then began writing music of her own which she hopes to share with the world. Her goal in music is to bring back substance and make music that actually means something. She’s done this already by releasing her first single, Glow Up, which is an anthem for black girls and women all over teaching them to embrace the beauty that exists in their skin tone and natural hair. This is just the beginning for Bria Danielle and you can expect much more from her in the near future!

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