DJ Deepoise

CEO and Program Director of:


Doug Culbreath aka DJ Deepoise has always loved music. His father, DJ Fast Eddie was well known in the club and party scene of Columbus, Ohio. He was also the winner of numerous DJ competitions.

It was only natural for Deepoise to follow in his father’s footsteps and venture into music. In the 7th grade, he started his first radio station WUAK and enjoyed much success.

Deepoise is active in every aspect of the station, from technical processes, music selection, creating mix tapes and the list goes on. Deepoise always had a vision to have his own internet station that catered to DJ’s as well as the everyday listener. His vision became a reality in 2008 when he joined forces with DJ Buka and they created DPS Radio. (DANEEDLE and DPS Soul).


Before joining the DPS Radio Family in 2013 Sunshine had a longstanding love affair with music. She grew up the youngest of five in a very loud household where multiple genres of music were played often at the same time. The madness usually went something like her brother Kevin blasting hard rock or something by Steely Dan. Ronnie would be playing anything from Prince to Quartz. She would often end up sitting with her brother Bryan enjoying the sounds of Heatwave, Slave or Aurra. Her love of music specifically old school lead her to podcasting which landed her on air with DPS Radio.